New Website Launched

LotusBullet Today sees the launch of this new website to support our Meditation Group, Insight North East. Insight North-East is a group based in Whitley Bay, set up to create a supportive environment in which members can practice mindfulness and develop insight. Our aim is to support each other in the practice and understanding of the teachings of the Buddha, and we have established a friendly, supportive community. The group practises insight meditation (also known as vipassana meditation) as taught in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition and we welcome anyone who has made a commitment to regular meditation practice.

You do not have to be a Buddhist to join our group. Insight North East is a non-dogmatic, secular group in which the ambience that we develop when we come together helps us to grow and maintain our practice, bringing the Eightfold Path into our day-to-day lives and keeping us going when difficulties arise. Much of our learning happens not in the solitude of our meditative practice, but in the relationships we form with each other.

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