Insight Meditation Weekend Retreat ‘Heart Work’: The Liberating Beauty of Loving Kindness with Kirsten Kratz

When: 9.30am-5pm  Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd Nov 2019

Where: Main Hall, Seaton Sluice Community Centre, Albert Road, Seaton Sluice NE26 4QX (map)

For more information and to read the event flyer click here.

The path of meditative development and liberation described in the Buddhist teachings rests on the beautiful quality of boundless kindness and friendliness (mettā). Exploring and nourishing the heart’s capacity for kindness is a way of being that opens and heals the heart, freeing it from fear and contraction. We can dare to connect more fully to a natural care for ourselves, a boundless love for all beings and the empowering wish to serve and to share.

Loving kindness (mettā), as an essential aspect of freedom and awakening, will bring forth compassion and joy and can transform the very way we perceive the world.During our time together we will explore loving kindness practices. There will be meditation instructions, guided meditations, reflections and opportunities to meet with Kirsten.

Cost: the retreat cost is £40 for 2 days. This charge is to cover the basic cost of organising the retreat, including hiring the hall and the teacher’s travel expenses, but does not include any payment for the teaching. In the Insight Meditation tradition, Dharma teachings are offered without charge and participants are invited to support the teacher in the spirit of generosity – know as “dana” in the tradition. At the end of the retreat, there will be an opportunity to practice dana / generosity to support the livelihood of the teacher. Places are limited so we encourage booking in advance.

Please note that this is a weekend silent retreat with the learning and exploration developing over a two- day trajectory. We are therefore only inviting bookings from participants who are willing to attend both days.

Hot drinks will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch. Thank you.

To find out more call 07508 055643 or email

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