About Insight North East

untitledInsight North-East was founded in 2011 after two people met at a meditation retreat at Gaia House, a Meditation Retreat Centre in Devon. Since then we have been meeting regularly in our homes. We are not currently constituted as an organisation, but simply as a group of meditators supporting each other in our practice. Our group is affiliated to Gaia House.

We currently meet each Wednesday evening between 7-9 pm in Whitley Bay. The focus is on meditation practice, with some time available for discussion. From time to time we also organise all day activities at weekends, including silent practice days and walks.

Many meditators find that being part of a group (or sangha) with other people who meditate can be a very supportive way of maintaining and deepening their practice. The teachings of the Buddha emphasise the value of ‘Noble Friendship’ or friendship on the path. The ambience that we develop when we come together helps us to grow and maintain our practice, bringing the Eightfold Path into our day-to-day lives and keeping us going when difficulties arise. Much of our learning happens not in the solitude of our meditative practice, but in the relationships we form with each other.

Insight North-East is a group rather than a meditation class, so generally we are unable to offer instruction for people who are new to meditation. Occasionally however we may run a course covering basics which sits outside of the practice group structure. If you would like to learn about meditation, please have a look at our links page.